Afghanistan terrorist mastermind killed in Afghanistan

A local insurgents’ leader had been killed in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Laghman, authorities in the area said on Tuesday.

The authorities said that the mastermind, Farhad, known as Badr was an expert in making roadside bombs and landmines and had been involved in terrorizing innocent people.

“He was killed following an armed clash with Afghan Local Police personnel at the outskirts of provincial capital, Mehtarlam city, late on Monday,’’ provincial government said in a statement.

 It is not clear whether Farhad was affiliated with the Taliban insurgents or the Islamic State (IS) terrorist network.

Afghan security forces and coalition troops have beefed up security operations and airstrikes against militants as the war-weary people are facing upsurges in attacks by the Taliban and IS militants across the country.

However, the militants have yet to make comments on the report.