2019 Elections: Don says Nigeria lacks politicians of Awo’s virtues

A Don, Prof Patrick Yalokwu, on Sunday said that the present politicians in the country lacked the virtues of the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo which were selfless service, vision and dedication. Awolowo, fondly called “AWO’’ was the first Premier of the Defunct Western Region and he initiated policies such as free education and massive development of the region. Yalokwu, who spoke to NAN on the sidelines of his Inaugural Lecture, delivered at the Crawford University, Igbesa, Ogun, said that the ingenuity of the late sage was absent in the present day politicians. The title of the 3rd Inaugural Lecture by the university is “Spiritually-Minded Authentic Leadership: Catalyst for Sustainable Development’’. The professor of Business Administration said that the nation might be in great danger if the voters look away from quality leadership before choosing their leaders during elections. “We have a big problem in our hands because the present crop of politicians lack the ideal values of Awo’s legacies necessary for the development of this nation. “It is time we start to look inwards and think before we cast our votes for these politicians that have nothing to offer us. “There is a nexus between spirituality and good governance that could engender the desired development. The present politicians have nothing to offer us. “Awo’s legacies include selfless service, visionary leadership, dedication and good governance, all these are lacking in today’s politicians. Yalokwu said that 2019 election should be a defining year which could give an opportunity to re-appraise politicians on their electioneering promises. “Another election is coming by the year 2019; it should be a time for us to assess ourselves, the politicians on the delivery of their electioneering promises. “During our time, Chief Awolowo promised us free education and that was the saving grace for all of us to attend school today, nowadays such are fast fading away. “All those Awo’s good initiatives are fast fading away and the politicians pay less attention to people’s welfare, all what concerns them now is their pockets. “We cannot grow as a nation if we continue to service greedy politicians who cannot serve the interest of the masses. We need to act now that the election is approaching and stop the slave mentality,’’ he said.

Credits/Sources: www.vanguardngr.com