Female presidential aspirant to contest under PDP

Aspiring female presidential candidate, Professor  Olufunmilayo Adesanya-Davis has said that she want her ambition to be realised under the banner of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in 2019.
The professor of Language and Communication Arts at the Rivers State University of Education, Port Harcourt, declared her presidential  ambition at the dawn of this year in Ilorin, the Kwara state capital.

The Ira – Kwara born presidential aspirant noted that good leadership with sacrificial mind and great concern for the future, is what’s lacking in the country.

While noting that leadership is an influence relationship between the leaders and the followers determined to achieve shared objectives rather than control and affluence, Adesanya- Davies said  leaders should  demonstrate certain level of intelligence, discretion, maturity and civility

She advised the electorate to concentrate on the  background, personality, integrity and credibility of the individual contestants or candidates rather than money-politics, ethic,religious, gender or even the platform as they choose their candidature.

She disclosed that in addition to her vision and passion to governance and to building Nigeria, “the decision of the federal government to make all positions open for women aspirants also boosted her interest in the race.”

“I am aspiring to be the next president of Nigeria. I am out to put laughter and joy on the faces of all Nigerians.The tension is getting too much. The agenda is almost fully mapped out. Moreover, We have paid the price in Kwara state as the “State of Harmony” and it is going to happen from the North Central by the grace and mercy of the Almighty God.

“Nigeria has constitutionally  given the opportunity to the Nigerian woman, so all women should see themselves as rescuers of their children and the entire nation. They should  be encouraged, bold, courageous to register, come out en-mass to vote and be voted for. Let all women who fear God and know their responsibilities come out to serve the nation. If all women and even our men too vote for the women folks, we all know the result. This vision will be achievable!

“Our thanks, first goes to the nation – Nigeria that says the ladies could pick our forms free politically at every level; because Nigeria is confident that the current challenges in the country can only be tackled by the women.

“My plan is an “Advanced Agenda” to restructure Nigeria when given the chance, with the teeming population of youths on my mind and the future of the upcoming and unborn generations of Nigerians.

“Restructuring has become a must in the current Nigeria and the fillers are rife and obvious with security challenges like the various communal clashes, ethnic cleansing, religious intolerance, etc. bedevilling the country and all sorts of agitations from different milieu.

“However, ” restructuring” is a complex, adventurous and highly intellectual-creative project for the academia, that needs the female’s ingenuity and creativity, we would agree. It then needs a visioneer with in-depth clarity of purpose and mind to drive the process. This is where I come in, and what l stand for.

“So ready I am, to give back to the society that produced and made me, I speak as a Nigerian – Northerner from the Middle-belt, of the Yoruba descent who had spent over three decades of my life working  in the South-south. I had obtained B.A degree at OAU Ife, M.A at Unilorin and Ph.D at Uniport. I am a Nigerian product and a proof of her ability. “

Credits/Sources: www.thenationonlineng.com